The Research


So you have heard of Microgreens, you’re intrigued with the idea of microgreens but what about the facts?   Search the web and you will be delivered with a great deal of personal opinion pages and sites that surmise Microgreens are good for you so just eat them!  Well that was not good enough for me and it should not be good enough for you either.

Yes I agree with the writers of those pages. I Personally feel better when I eat my greens at every meal, micro or mature.  I feel even better when I’m eating clean and healthy 100% of the time, but lets face it I’m just a girl with an opinion who is happy growing veggies and herbs that taste good and look good and I think they make me feel good too!

That being said I offer you links below to scholarly articles that I have read and maybe you’re interested in reading them too.  These articles dive into the data and facts about microgreens, they offer us information and an opportunity to think critically about the foods we’re enjoying and how we can best deliver nutrition to our bodies everyday.


If you’re having trouble accessing the full articles check with your local library for free access to a wealth information.