Welcome to River City Roots

JoinCSAHello we are River City Roots growers of delicious greens, heirloom vegetables and seasonal fruits serving Sturgeon County, Strathcona County & Edmonton.   Our 2018 CSA Shares are now available, support local, support small farm, receive naturally grown vegetables.

Let me introduce myself, hi!my name is Ashleigh horticulturist, nature lover, mother, amateur photographer and perennial tourist.  I have been working in the Horticulture industry for more than 10 years during which time I have been a greenhouse grower, field labourer, potter, retail garden center expert, City Gardener, Field Technician, Snow plow operator, Landscape Designer, hardscape installer, gardener and I spent a few years working the customer service line too.  I have touched nearly all corners of the industry with my spade.

As a gardener I have grown fruits, vegetable & ornamental’s in Zones 5B to 3A and welcomed all the challenges that come with each zones climate, weather cycles and frost dates.  Zone 3A is a challenging zone in which I utilize indoor vertical growing, row covers, cold frames, a simple hoop greenhouse.   I have dreams of a  Wallipini Greenhouse , but this will have to wait for another province as we are not in our forever home.   We are a military family and eventually we will move, maybe further west maybe east, or even abroad!  As for River City Roots; have no fear we will be in the area through 2022 and maybe even longer.  During our years here I will be growing greens, vegetables and fruits year round.

I invite you to join me in the journey from hired Gardener to Urban Farming Entrepreneur.  There will be hurtles, challenges, laughs, cries and celebrations to mark the journey with a great deal of photographic expression and notes to share with you along the way.

Keep Growing Green!